Ford C-Max Smart Features Keep You Connected

Is navigation faster on the SYNC 3 system than the other SYNC systems? Considering the years and years that drivers stopped at service stations to ask directions, the new onboard navigation systems are more than just an attractive option for any vehicle. With navigation systems, the diver can observe directions, and the latest models allow drivers to see their progress along the way.

One of the first drawbacks that created frustration with navigation systems was the time it took to type in the destination. On the SYNC 1 and SYNC 2 systems, the screen required at least a 30-second wait between letter inputs. Getting directions, even to destinations within our city, took time away from the fun toward which you were driving.

The SYNC 3 system answers the input quickly and finds the destination and the best route efficiently using current updates. At Orchid Isle Auto Center, we install and maintain the SYNC 3 system.



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