The Ford Mustang - Performance You Can Hear

There's nothing quite like hearing the roar of a powerful engine to spark excitement and anticipation. The new Ford Mustang, a classically designed sports car, understands the importance of sounding as good as it looks.

The 310-horsepower engine is tuned to produce the rich roar that is associated with power. With a throaty rumble, the exhaust system of the Ford Mustang will make it unmistakable as you drive anywhere in Hilo. The emotional connection to sound is important, and you'll be able to change the volume of the engine by choosing various driving modes, including quiet, normal, and track settings.

To take a Mustang out for a drive today, come to Orchid Isle Auto Center and see the vehicles we have available in our showroom. We can answer any of your questions about the car and get you behind the wheel.

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