Power, Strength, and Safety With The 2018 Ford Focus Electric

Do you love the Ford Focus but want something more green? Check out the 2018 Focus Electric, now available at Orchard Isle Auto Center.

Even with no CO2 emissions, this car still has all the power of a gas vehicle. Once you press the accelerator, 100% torque is available. Plus, the transmission, designed for electric vehicles, has instant responsiveness.

The Ford Focus Electric also has the same safety as the gas-powered. It is made with Trinity front-crash structure and Side Protection And Cabin Enhancement, making over 50% of the structure built with high-strength steel. There is also the AdvanceTrac stability control, which constantly monitors road conditions and driver actions.

Concerned about charging the car? It can reach 80% charged in 30 minutes with Fast Charge capability. When plugged into a standard outlet, the car will charge fully overnight, or in 5.5 hours using an AeroVironment home-charging station.

Interested? Check out the 2018 Ford Focus Electric today!



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