Choosing the Best Oil for Your Motor

At your next oil change appointment at Orchid Isle Auto Center, you might want to think carefully about the kind of oil you are using in your vehicle's motor. With both conventional and synthetic oils available, it helps to understand the difference so you can choose the very best oil to keep your motor in top condition.

Basically, conventional oil is regular, naturally occurring oil. It comes from the earth, and it is suitable for most older motors and for driving in easy conditions. Motor oil that is formulated by scientists from specially chosen chemicals is called synthetic oil. Synthetic oil, because it has been designed specifically with motors in mind, offers the best quality performance and motor lubrication possible. Most newly manufactured motors are made to only be used with synthetic oil, so be sure to read your owner's manual carefully.

For more information about motor oil and deciding which kind is right for you, give our service department a visit today!

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