Higher Cold Cranking Amps May Protect You from a Dead Battery

If you’re stopping by Orchid Isle Auto Center for a new battery in the fall or early winter, you may want to pay special attention to a new battery’s cold cranking amps rating. This rating illustrates how many amps a new battery can cope with in extremely cold temperatures.

Why is this important? When Jack Frost comes calling in the dead of winter, it means that your car is in for some extra heavy-duty work. As the temperature drops so does a battery’s overall capacity, and at the same time, the amps required for a starter motor to get enough juice to turn over the motor increases. A battery with higher CCAs means that you may be less likely to find yourself with a dead battery in the middle of winter.

Avoid being stranded this winter in Hilo. Our service experts would happy to recommend a high CCA battery or simply ensure that your current battery ready for the cold.

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