SYNC 3 From Ford Is Your Onboard Assistant

There are plenty of distractions out on the road already. That is why most of us wouldn't mind having an onboard assistant from time to time. Enter SYNC 3 from Ford. Featuring a capacitive touchscreen display that makes an attractive centerpiece for your dashboard, SYNC 3 can complete tasks for you like music searches or operating your climate control system. And the best part is, it does all this via voice commands, so you don't have to take your eyes off the road or your hands off the wheel.

The SYNC 3 will also integrate with your smartphone with Android Auto. This will allow you to make and receive phone calls, check your voicemail, send and receive text messages, and navigate your way with live traffic alerts using Google Maps.

So if you would like to see everything that the SYNC 3 can do for you, come and see us here at Orchid Isle Auto Center and take a SYNC 3-enabled Ford for a test drive today.
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